The topics involve various disciplines related (but not limited) to the themes as described below. Researchers from other disciplines are also encouraged to submit and present their manuscripts.

Biology, Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Natural Product Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Sensors, Theoretical Chemistry, Physics, Environmental, Health science, Mathematics and statistics, Geology, Engineering, Computer science, Natural and technological science, Architecture, Nanotechnology and Applied Nanoscience, Nanostructures, Nanoscience, Materials Sciences, Applications, Regulation and Normalization, Imaging Holography, Lasers, Laser Applications, Nonlinear Optics, Optical Materials, Devices and Systems, Fiber Optics and Integrated Optics, Acoustics and Vibrations, Energy Conversion and Efficiency, Fossil Fuels, Renewable and Green Energy, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Biofuels and Biomass, Nuclear Energy, Systems, Storage and Harvesting, Energy and Transportation, Smart Grids, Power Electronics Converters, Smart Manufacturing, Optimal Industrial Systems, Industry 4.0, Industrial Sustainability, Environmental Footprints in Industry, Sustainable Products and Services, Industrial Safety